Registration Process

At Little Aspen Playschool, we have an online registration process to make it as easy as possible to register your child for our playschool. Our registration form also helps us conduct a fair and transparent process for assigning students to a class based on their priority. Priority will be given to the following groups on a first come first served basis within each group:

  1. Current LAPS members registering a returning student.

  2. Aspen Garden's residents with a current AGCL membership.

  3. Current LAPS members registering a sibling of a student.

  4. Alumni of LAPS.

  5. General Public.

Online Registration will be open to all groups from February 19, 2019 onward. After this time, contact the registrar directly to find out about openings before registering online. You can pay your registration fee of $65 by credit card as part of your submission, or you can drop off a cheque to Little Aspen no later than March 15, 2019.

How does it work?

You will receive an email confirming that the information has been accepted. This is not confirmation that the registration is complete or that your child has been accepted into your class of choice. After registration is closed, classes will be created and you will be notified within 7 - 14 days if your child has a confirmed placement in a class. This will occur no later than March 5, 2019. In order to confirm your acceptance, a $65 registration cheque must be received at the play school by March 15, 2019 to guarantee your spot (if you have not already paid by credit card). Those who have been put on a waiting list will be notified within a month.

Registration Night

A Registration Night will be held in junction with the Spring General Meeting on Thursday, April 25, 2019 at Westbrook Elementary for those who have received confirmation of their placement in a class. The following items will be required to complete the registration. If these items are not received by the registrar on or before this date, your place in the class will not be held.

  • Five post-dated cheques for program fees (for amounts see our Fee Schedule)

  • A $100 cleaning bee deposit to be cashed only if cleaning bee is not attended

  • A $100 job duty deposit to be cashed only if job duties are not completed

  • A $250 casino deposit to be cashed only if the casino is not attended

  • Proof of membership and address if registering as an AGCL member

  • For anyone not living in Aspen Gardens, proof of a community league membership from the community in which you reside

Fee Schedule

Course Fees:
1 day/week @ $70/month
2 days/week @ $136/month
3 days/week @ $203/month

Registration Fee $65* (non-refundable)
*can be paid upon completion of the registration form.

Field Trip/Special Event Fees (non-refundable):
3 year olds $45
4 year olds $65

Cleaning Bee Deposit $100**
Job Board Deposit $100**
Casino Deposit $250**
**cashed only if you do not attend your scheduled cleaning bee, casino night or complete your required job board position. Casino night deposits only taken during casino years (odd years, start winter 2019).