Snack Roster

Please refer to the parent handbook and the snack information sheet for full details on snack requirements and suggestions of appropriate snacks to provide. Some general guidance is provided below:

  • Little Aspen Playschool is a nut free zone. Nuts and peanut butter are to be totally excluded from all snacks. Please avoid snacks from the following prohibited list of foods (Nuts and seeds ∙ Peanut butter or peanuts of any kind ∙ Nut oils in baking ∙ Hard candies ∙ Caramels or toffee ∙ Chewing gum ∙ Popcorn ∙ Jelly beans ∙ Snacks made with skewers or toothpicks).
  • All snacks must be commercially packaged and include a full ingredient list. No homemade snacks are allowed. All snacks must be brought to school in sealed packages to be opened on site. All leftover snack will be sent home with your child. Please also include a drink for the children (2 litres of milk or juice). 
  • If you are unable to provide snack for your assigned day we encourage you to try to arrange a trade with another parent in your class. If you have traded days with another parent, please let Jill know. If you are unable to directly arrange a trade, please contact the snack roster coordinator at
  • Child Care Licensing mandates that we provide a snack that contains foods from a minimum of two food groups. The assigned food group on your day is meant to ensure variety for the children but is more a guideline and you may substitute if the assigned food group is not practical for you.