About Us

Little Aspen Playschool Society (LAPS), located in Southwest Edmonton, has been Aspen Gardens' community preschool for over 25 years. We are a parent operated co-operative and a non-profit organization. In this regard, all funds are put back into the program. We are licensed for a maximum of 15 children per class.

We provide a play oriented program in order to encourage the development of the child's physical and intellectual abilities, to contribute to the development of positive self-esteem, and to encourage the desire to learn. The program also aims to help the child define and cultivate social, emotional and creative needs.

  • Three Hour Classes

  • No Duty Days

  • Daily Outside Activity

  • Small Class Size

  • One Teacher & Full Time Assistant

  • No Mandatory Fundraising


A Day in the Life at Little Aspen

The specific daily activities are kept in the teacher’s plan book and are available to view upon request.

Morning            Class Activity                                                                   Afternoon Class

8:45am                Children arrive and day is explained by teachers             12:45

8:50 – 9:15          Circle time, calendar, show and tell, stories                     12:50 – 2:15

9:15 – 10:30         Free play                                                                               2:15 – 2:30

10:30 – 10:45       Clean up and wash hands                                                  2:30 – 2:45

10:45 – 11:15         Snack, songs and finger-plays                                           2:45 – 3:15

11:15 – 11:45         Outdoor activities                                                              3:15 – 3:45


Weather permitting, the children and teachers will go outside every day during the last 30 minutes of the program. This is a time for the children to run, jump, hop, throw, climb, etc., thus developing large motor skills. It is also a time for sharing playground equipment and “feeling” the weather. If you do not wish for your child to go outside, it is your responsibility to pick him/her up at 11:15 or 3:15. Outdoor play will not occur should the temperature reach -20 degrees Celsius or colder with the wind chill.


Every two weeks there is a fun and educational new theme in the classroom. Play time, crafts and story time all incorporate the current theme. These themes vary from year to year. 

Meet Jill and Hiyam.

Our programs at LAPS are run by our wonderful teacher, Jill Twizell. Jill is an Early Childhood Educator with years of experience working with preschool children. We also have a full time Teacher's Assistant, Hiyam.  Jill and Hiyam provide a safe, fun and nurturing environment and are the main reason our children look forward to going to school each day!

About Jill: A graduate of Grant MacEwan University in 1993, when Jill walks through the doors at LAPS, she brings over 23 years of experience with her in Child Care and Early Childhood Education. Her extensive career ranges from preschool teacher, day home provider, out-of-school care and daycare worker, to numerous years working with a special needs student. This diverse background enables her to easily relate to all children, shifting gears as needed to respond to their unique needs and personalities. With the programming ideas that Jill has fostered through the years, the children’s days are packed with fun-filled learning. She believes that the "Learning through Play" philosophy develops a child's creativity and problem-solving skills, prepares children for school, teaches new skills and social abilities, and boosts children's self-esteem.
The atmosphere in her classroom is open and welcoming as she encourages the building of relationships between all those involved: the parents, the siblings, and of course, the students. A mother herself, it is quite apparent that the pride and love that Jill brings to her classroom is an extension of feelings she has for her own son, Brandon.

About Hiyam: We are so fortunate to have Hiyam as part of our team! A former teacher from Iraq, Hiyam immigrated to Canada in 2012 and acquired her Day Home Provider Accreditation from Norquest College. Hiyam draws upon her years of experience in teaching and her knowledge of children to be an amazing asset in our classroom. She always has a warm smile on her face and the days of raising her own 4 children are reflected in the patience and care that she uses when interacting with all our kids at Little Aspen. 

Jill Twizell

Hiyam Qrati

Hiyam Qrati

Parent Duties

  • Cleaning Bee

  • Volunteer Job – pick from a list on the Job Board

  • No Mandatory Fundraising

  • No Duty Days

  • Parents will provide snack to the class on a rotational basis (approximately once every six weeks to two months depending on class size)


Little Aspen Playschool participates in a variety of optional fundraisers. These additional funds are used to provide new books for the classroom, increase the number of field trips the school can book and purchase new or special items for the classroom. 

Childcare Subsidy

Little Aspen Playschool is an approved program for the Government of Alberta child subsidy. This subsidy is for preschool children who attend a licensed preschool program. To see if you qualify or for more information, please visit their website www.child.alberta.ca or call 1-866-714-5437. If you have further inquiries or need assistance completing your paperwork please contact the Director of the Playschool by leaving a message at director@littleaspenplayschool.com.

Class Schedules Available

3 Year Old Program

There are two options for the 3 Year Old Program:
Tuesday/Thursday AM Class                         8:45-11:45 am
Friday AM Class                                              8:45-11:45 am
Children must be 3 years old by January 1, 2020 and must be toilet trained.

4 Year Old Program

There are three options for the 4 Year Old Program:
Monday/Wednesday AM  Class                        8:45-11:45  am
Tuesday/Thursday PM Class                            12:45-3:45  pm
Monday/Wednesday/Friday PM Class             12:45-3:45  pm
Children must be 4 years old by March 1, 2020 and must be toilet trained.

Fee Schedule

Course Fees:
1 day/week @ $70/month
2 days/week @ $136/month
3 days/week @ $203/month